M.sc in Fashion & Apparel Designing

Course overview

The Msc in Fashion Design, our PG degree course is designed in a way that the student is encouraged to think creatively and bring innovation in all their practical learning. This program provides a highly-crafted learning method to promote experimental, research, historical, theoretical and critical approaches to the creation of design. The students will receive active training through a range of activities like educational visits to places, exhibitions of artistic characters, supported by guest speakers along with a pillar of a highly experienced faculties who are professional artists. The industry based syllabus strives to develop a wide range of specialized skills such as Fashion Design, Development of Garments, Technical Design, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Forecasting and Entrepreneurship Management with a strong Portfolio Development.
Meticulous academics at Lemark ensures that the students have a vision for the development of creative collections in both national and international market leading to successful career in fashion industry.

Course Structure

Semester 1

  • Research Methodology (Theory)
  • Textile Design (Theory)
  • Apparel Industry (Theory)
  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising (Theory)
  • Entrepreneurship Management (Theory)
  • Textile Design (Practical)
  • Fabric Manipulation Techniques (Practical)

Semester 2

  • Statistics for Research
  • Historic Textiles & Costume
  • Garment Manufacturing Technology
  • Fashion Draping
  • Import Export Management
  • Fashion Rendering (Practical)
  • Fashion Draping (Practical)

Semester 3

  • Fashion in Home Textiles
  • Apparel Testing & Quality Control Systems
  • Apparel Testing & Quality Control Systems
  • Elective-I
  • Computer Aided Designing
  • Transformational Reconstruction
  • In-plant Training

Semester 4

  • Smart Textiles & Functional Clothing
  • IPR in Fashion & Apparel
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • Elective-II
  • Portfolio Development
  • Design Collection Presentation
  • Dissertation

let us call you


“Hey Pratik here, would like to share my experience as fashion designing student. The knowledge about the techniques and skills learned during the course are really helpful while participating in show. Thankful to Lemark for providing us such a big platform like “MARQUE’ the annual fashion show, to showcase our innovation, experiments in front of industry. This time our main theme for MARQUE was Melange and I had selected Indian Textile as my sub-theme. My main inspiration was Patola motifs, and I had modified the motifs of Patola and converted the whole weave into print with gold pigment to make it feel royal. Then just had gathered the whole idea into a western silhouette.


“The past year at lemark for us has been a wonderful journey , from attending industrial visits, learning new concepts, attending seminars have all been of great use to us. Then came the fashion show where we put to use all our teachings. The overall experience of the show was amazing , working with the models was also a whole new experience . The help of our mentors helped us in achieving the best creative design award . In all we are really thankful to Lemark for giving us this opportunity. “